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Honey Rings (3-inch) Pack of 3 Qagħaq ta’ L-Għasel


Pastry: Flour, Semolina, Sugar, Butter, Lemon, Vodka, Water
Filling: Treacle, Water, Sugar, Semolina, Citrus Zest (Lemon and Orange), Cocoa Powder, Aniseed liqueur, Cloves, Various Spices

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Qagħaq ta’ L-Għasel are sweet pastry rings filled with a treacle mixture. Literally translated they are ‘honey rings’ but there is absolutely no honey in the recipe. The main ingredient is treacle. In Maltese, treacle is known as ‘għasel iswed'(black honey) so probably that is why they are known as honey rings. Originally, this sweet was a celebrative food available solely during the Christmas period. However, nowadays honey rings adorn confectionary windows all year round.

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