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Figolli Bites – 8 Maltese Cross figolli bites with royal icing


The figolla is a shortbread biscuit filled with almond paste.  Around Easter time in Malta, figolli are in every baker’s window, and are also sold in shops and by various organizations to benefit charities.

Traditionally they were a post-Lenten treat intended mostly for children. The oldest shapes were of men and women (something like gingerbread men and women), and also fish and baskets — possibly a reference to ancient symbols of fertility. But later other shapes started turning up — ducks and bunnies, cars and butterflies. Whatever the shape, figolli are brightly decorated in icing and chocolate, and the biggest ones often incorporate a whole Easter egg (real or chocolate) wrapped in foil or paper.

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Try our traditional Maltese figolli bites, just on a smaller scale. {Includes 8 Maltese Cross figolli bites with royal icing}. We offer custom shapes for an additional cost. Please contact us for details.


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