We are more than just our pastizzi - these are some of our services
Authentic Pastizzi

We bake our pastizzi fresh throughout the week.

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TasteMalta Bakery starves to provide our customers with the best most authentic cheesecakes that we have found on our travels. Whether savory or sweet they are a hit.

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Seasonal Delights

Throughout the year the Islands of Malta have various seasonal delights. TasteMalta Bakery will be working at making those delights and others available.

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Catering & Special Events

TasteMalta Bakery will work with you for all of your catering needs. We offer our authentic items as well as any special requests.

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Happiness Truck

Coming soon. Our awesome team will be hitting the streets bring our pastizzi and other delights to you. We will be serving happiness in a neighborhood near you soon.

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Gift Programs

TasteMalta Bakery is happy to work with your company and its gifting programs.

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Some of our finest creations -

A selection of some of our finest work to date