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Traditional Cheese pastizzi fresh from the oven.

Who is TasteMalta Bakery?

TasteMalta Bakery is an online provider of traditional Maltese Pastizzi. Through our authentic recipe, handed down over the past generations, we plan to bring the love for this traditional Maltese street food to the world.

Through TasteMalta we pay homage to the Maltese islands and our attempt to share this diverse yet exquisite cuisine on this side of the world while bringing Maltese expats, like ourselves, the long-forgotten comfort foods and flavors from back home.

At TasteMalta, we not only offer the classic pastizzi flavors, but we will also be offering a variety of different flavors based upon our travels. So stay tuned as we releases some new flavors which are destined to become classics for the future generations.

Why the Islands of Malta?

The nation of Malta has a unique geographic position making it the “Heart of the Mediterranean”. What this has done for the culinary diversity of Malta is as unique as its geographic location.

The Maltese archipelago has absorbed many cultures and cuisines over thousands of years. As explained by writer and friend, Melisande Aquilina, Malta’s roster of settlers and occupying powers – including Sicilians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, the Spanish, briefly the Habsburgs, a noble order of the Catholic Knights, the French, and finally the British – shaped its food culture into a vibrant Mediterranean tradition. The food on Maltese tables is the result of centuries of handovers and encounters, conquest and cultural exchange.

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