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At TasteMalta we believe that Maltese street food is amazing, and the one traditional item no one should miss out on is the Pastizz. We are firm believers that pastizzi, together with other items, will find their place on the world food stage. This is where we come in! We are here to bring all the traditional Maltese goodies to the United States. Our pastizzi come in traditional shapes and fillings, however, like many other bakers back on the island, we have introduced some new twists and created a few new fillings. We feel these represent the Maltese cuisine and the Maltese palate. We invite you to check out our full menu for all our culinary creations! We assure you that once you have tried Maltese street food, you will start to understand why these items are sorely missed by all those who, till now, had almost no option but to wait till they could go to Malta to have their fill. We are looking forward to serving you happiness!

Trio of Pies

Savory Maltese Pies

Try our family's recipes. We are currently offering Ricotta, Corned Beef and Rabbit pies. Contact us if you are interested in another kind, we are always willing to help with special requests. Pies start at $13.25 for a 7-inch pie.

$ 13.25
TasteMalta Bakery


The figoli is a treat any time of the year.

$ 12.99

Authentic Maltese Street Cuisine 

Here one will find the Traditional Pastizzi that they love as well as some modern versions with a new twist

Classical Cheese pastizzi
Background image of wheat and flour

We are passionate about baking. Each of our handmade items are carefully baked with love. From our heart to yours, you can taste the difference.


All of our products are made with the finest and freshest quality ingredients. From our home to yours you will taste the freshness.


We believe in the act of service and through our shipping partners we are able to make our promise to deliver freshly made frozen products to every customer on time.

Items we bake

We pride ourselves on baking not only the most authentic Maltese products but various other items with only the finest ingredients.

Lots of Pastizzi

We offer traditional Maltese pastizzi flavors as well as some new creations based on our love of global cuisine. Some will be Savory, some will be sweet, we bet you will find ones you love.

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We love to bake, and we especially love to bake cheesecakes. If our ovens do not have pastizzi in them, there is a good chance that it will have cheesecakes. All it takes is one bite to taste the love.

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Other delights

We offer a variety of other delicious delights for you to choose from. Simply contact us to find what we have in stock or to order something special. We will always try to accommodate our customers requests.

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Seasonal Delights

On the Islands of Malta, there are various feasts during different seasons. Each season or feast will have its own street food and dessert. keep an eye on TasteMalta.com to see what deliciousness we are creating.

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